by Paul Weintrob

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released 01 June 2014

eli frrank— production/engineering, guitar, and vocals on tracks 1 & 6
mojoceratops— fiddle, mandolin
lissy darnell— vocals, kazoo
sandrine masse-savard— viola
avi & the wild thing— vocals and lyrics
julia yael stern— cover art

featured on the modern folk music of america: www.themodernfolk.net/2014/06/paul-weintrob-elbowtoe.html




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Track Name: north by northeast
switch on all the lamps so i can fear away the demons
light a little sense to blow away the bad spirits
it really doesn't matter what kind of shit you believe in...
it'll be there for you.

it'll come for you from up the corners of your bedside
make you wet your jogging shorts, wish for parents you could cry for
tell your parakeet brain to keep it to the kids' end
before you start feeling like nixon
christ arisen was the simile for this season
a year ago, how i felt but no more tears
i'm like the warden of my own prison visit
through tinted windows this business of last minutes

sinners regret less than beginners
said all of my teachers
long since a novice wore tzitzit
i'm a heathen in a t-shirt

switch on all the lamps so I can fear away the demons
light a little sense to blow away the bad spirits
it really doesn't matter what kind of shit you believe in,
they'll be there for you.

disconnect the neural links connecting her to me, i think
my cerebellum blinked, i need a shrink, i'm suspicious
i need a priest or the police, Lord, give me forgiveness
my pituitary's gone fishing and ditching snitches up north by northeast
is no easy feat. believe you me g i'm uneasy, queasy, and still can't sleep.
it's only been 3 weeks but it feels like 5 lifetimes
the words i'm all right they just mean I've not died yet
you're dead to me I tell you, but i don't mean it meanly
it's just you haunt my dreams and make my eyes kind of leaky
but one of these days I'm gonna beeline to zion
descend for the sunspots that never did need me
Track Name: sunspot
spent today sunbathing, awaiting february 28thing. took my worthless time off shirtless, lying backwards on the floorboards.

in the odd sunspot
wondering when I'll be yours again

you're in a sinking internship, thinking the worst shit about your prospects. spaghetti pick up sticks wasn't nothing, but it's not relevant.

but you sound better than you did
though you deny it, I cringe, I binge

guess I must be S.A.D. and O.D.D., a princessless frog, Harold missing his Maude, Clarice kissing a wall, so for your peace of mind, see ya
Track Name: monours
it's a stretch of the imagination
like you all young and innocent
your eyes all big like all my wooden dolls

it's cutting me like scissor fish
I'm hanging upside down inside your eyes
you swallowed me til I ate you inside out

mon ours mon ours tu t'appelle tangerine
Track Name: the blue inserts of heart & wool
no doubt the idealistic mind hears echoes of his house in 2 registers

bit by translation, his prose which was so sharp and so clean and so pure

Wool conducts the psychoanalysis of fire. "earth water," she asks, "air"

dead pages in the faces of the aged

a tomato in poetic terms in a heart
is a heart is just for fun
just for fun
Track Name: zion unvisited
got up this morning, kicked out of the Garden of Eden
and by midnight tonight I'd forgotten my right hand

now I lay in bed with my spine crumpled up like a soda can
but I'm going to ascend say the voices in my head

mercy awaits me impatiently at the station
chewing her finger like a wet and angry dog

we take the bus to a destination with a strange name
you will sit with me till we get there. you will have to wait